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The colors of fall

17 October

The weather finally turned crisp and the leaves have been whirling in the breeze.  This morning, the sun rose butter yellow and the clouds were steel grey highlighted with salmon.  As the sun rose, the very tops of trees were painted with the golden light.  There are still mosaics of leaves on the ground and lots still to fall, but the variations from yellow, orange, pink, magenta and tan are a wonder to behold.  The birds and small mammals are more active than they have been since spring.

There are still lots of grapes, apples, berries and fruits on the trees and shrubs and lots of seeds everywhere.  The genesis of spring is the cool days of fall.  I love these days, even raking and raking and raking.  The seasons are a wonder, the weather is beautiful and the light is softer.  Enjoy the crisp walks, runs and skates or bikes on the trails.

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