Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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Summer is around the corner

02 June

So, 38 or 40 at night to 90’s during the day in one week!  Summer is around the corner.

All things Dogwood and Viburnum have burst into bloom.  Raspberries and Blackberries are in full bloom.

My favorite combo along the trail and in my yard is Canada Anemone and Wild Geranium. About the same size and with similar flowers, they give a great counterpoint to all the green coming up.  Tiarella (foam flower) and Heuchera (Coral Bells) and Alum are still blooming quietly in the shade.  Most of the Madder and Bedstraw family should be blooming soon as well, since met European Sweet Woodruff is blooming merrily.  Blue Flag Iris should be showing the flag soon as well.  Then on to the Summer flowers!

  Canada Anemone

  Wild Geranium


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