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Summer flowering begins

24 June

I have enjoyed the Spiderwort (Tradescantia) in many colors in my yard.  It looks really nice with the many Canada Anemone and the Sundrops (Evening Primrose).  The Coral Bells are waving nice stems of bells and the Wild Geranium is still blooming in spots.  My Liatris (Blazing Star) are up and ready to bloom and the Foxglove Penstemon are blooming to the delight of the bees.  Some Wild Phlox are still blooming and the Golden Alexander is starting it’s sprint to bloom.  Goat’s Beard has bloomed and the deer appear to have eaten it.  The lacy foliage and pale pink of the wild Bleeding Heart is lovely.  My Gold Seal is already making it’s star shaped seed.  Trillium are going dormant.

I lost all my Cardinal Flower to the flood, but it should be beautiful where it was up out of the muck.  Look for Lobelia and Wild Lupine to be blooming now as well.  The various Sedges I got at Chippewa Nature Center and Ostrich Fern are going strong and some of the Virginia Waterleaf is blooming.  Michigan Lilies have buds (those that escaped the marauding deer).

My Mayapples are prostrate now, too much shade and they too are going dormant.  Lots of Lady Fern, Wood Fern, Royal Fern, and Maidenhair Fern are proudly waving their fronds.

In the out-lawns, you can see lots of White Clover, Heal-all, Creeping Charlie, Violets and other interesting weeds.  Some of the school property has so much white clover that it is cloud like –very fluffy and pretty.  The White Avens, Wild Lettuce, Oxalis, Black Medic and Red Clovers are also beginning to bloom.  I have come to admire the diversity in these unirrigated grassy/weedy areas.

Soon the Coneflowers and Sunflowers will be blooming.  Keep your eyes on the meadows and roadsides.

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  1. Nancy June 28, 2020 at 3:22 pm #

    Gina my anenome were lost in the water in back. Have lots of the evening primrose and ferns. But other plants didn’t like the water.

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