Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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Spring really is here!

03 May

As I walk around, I marvel at how bare ground and leaf piles turn into beautiful bouquets in the space of a few days.  The Bloodroot, Trillium, Dutchmen’s Breeches and Hepatica have made a splash in my garden and the Virginia Bluebells and Wood Poppy are budded out.  The rabbits have enjoyed many of my flowers, but some are still blooming.  the Mayapple and Jack in the Pulpit are up pretty far and opening and the Solomon’s seal is rising slowly from the beds.  Spring Beauties and Early Meadow Rue as well as Wild Geranium and Strawberry are unfurling leaves.  The Serviceberries just started to bloom as the tiny red flowers of the Maple lie in gay abandon around the porch and deck.

Birds create a symphony every morning around 5 am and sing almost continuously through the morning.  The Pileated Woodpecker and Mallards along the creek add strident sounds to the concert.  At night the frogs make lots of noise and the barred owl prowls.

Enjoy your time in the natural world, even if it is in your own garden.  Both CNC and Natures Niche will have spring wild plant sales and the Wild Ones Mid Mitten chapter has been making information available at many of the spring events.  Larger rescued wild plants are available from the Cranbrook Gardens plant sale, online May 6–you can register to be notified when the sale opens at their website.


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