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More summer flowers

20 August

I posted last week but the email failed–so be sure and look at the previous post.

This week has brought lots of cardinal flower to my yard–and the hummingbirds have found it.  In addition, I have a cultivar of the native Rough Goldenrod, called Fireworks, and it is spectacular.  The bees and lots of swallowtail butterflies are enjoying the annuals and other flowers.

Out on the trail, there is early bloom on the Woodland and Giant Sunflower, lots of Canada Goldenrod, along with the remaining Giant, Early and Tall Goldenrod.  The Grass-leaved Goldenrod is also blooming well and in several areas, the Rough Goldenrod is blooming.  The Big Leaf, Heartleaf and Flat Topped Asters are blooming as well.  the New England Asters are budded up and ready to bloom.

The Beebalm or Wild Bergamot is making seeds, but the bees are still finding some with nectar.  Flowering Spurge has started to bloom, so the bright white blossoms are really showing against all the green of late summer.  The Black-eyed Susans and Showy Coneflowers have been joined by Grey-headed and Green-headed Coneflowers and the Everlasting Pea is still blooming.

Lots more flowers to come as we transition into autumn.  Keep on walking!


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