Common Yarrow
Common YarrowCommon YarrowCommon YarrowCommon Yarrow

Woolly Yarrow / Common Yarrow

  • Native
  • umbel flower cluster
  • fern-like foliage
  • fuzzy stem & leaves
  • 1-3′

Flower Description

Most are native but have crossed with non natives, escaped from gardens.  Also called Milfoil.

  • Very small white or pink flowers in flat topped corymbs (umbels or clusters). Each flowers has 4-6 rays that are 3-toothed.
  • Lance-shaped, alternate leaves that are finely dissected.  Stem and leaves feel woolly.
  • Plant is 1-3′ and common in fields and along roads
  • Late Spring to Fall bloom
  • Native, in Composite Family


Additional Information

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