Dutchmans Breeches
Dutchmans Breeches

Dutchman’s Breeches

Flower Description

Native spring woodland ephemeral species which will go into total dormancy by mid-summer.

The common name Dutchman’s breeches comes from the pair of outer petals which form a swollen ‘V’ making the hanging flower look like a pair of white breeches/bloomers hung upside-down.

Basal leaves  in  6″ rosette. These basal leaves are greyish green to green and smooth.  Leaves are ferny, deeply cut leaflets,  3-6 inches long, compound with long stalks, grayish green.

Blooms in clusters with 3/4 inch, 4-petal  flowers raised above the foliage in rich woodsy areas.

They are pollinated by bumble bees, which have longer proboscis to reach the nectar beneath  the petals.  A close relative called Squirrel Corn (Dicentra canadensis) has a heart shaped flower and can be found in the same habitat area.

Related to the cultivated Bleeding Heart.

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