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Flower Description

Native, spring ephemeral

3-12″ tall

It produces only oval to round basal leaves that are about 3-5″ wide with 5-9 major lobes and several minor lobes along the undulating margins. Each is wrapped around the stalk of a single flower as the flower begins to bloom.

Flowers are white with a showy golden-orange stamens  and 8-10 petals about 1 inch across.  The leaves cloak the flower as it opens in full sun, with the cloak dropping away, only to cover it again when the sun sets.

The basal leaves continue to unfold to their fullest extent as the flowers wither away. ,  The palmate-reticulate venation is fairly prominent and provides the rather succulent leaves with a wrinkly appearance, especially on their lower surfaces. The color of the leaves on the upper surface is light green, sometimes with greyish or bluish tints, while the lower surface is whitish green.

The name comes from the red orange juice produced by the roots.

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