Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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Fall is in the air, leaves too

05 October

The leaf fall has started and you can walk under a tree in a mosaic of colorful leaves: brown, yellow, orange, gold and red.  When a tree, like a maple or ash is fully in color (two or three shades at least), it is like walking in a kaleidoscope with the light coming through the changed leaves.  Mushrooms are everywhere, some beautiful, some dreadful–but all fascinating.  Even perennial and shrub colors are changing and making a pointillist painting of every view.

The crisp air and lower sun angle give everything a new look.  Acorns turn to marbles on the sidewalk as they lose their caps and pose a challenge to walkers.  I have seen deer and squirrels in the middle of the street retrieving acorns.  There are still asters and some goldenrod blooming and lots of berries, crabapples and seeds for color interest.

I love it when a single maple changes color all at once and flames out a greeting to all passersby.  Enjoy looking at the natural world this week.

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