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Bloodroot are blooming

24 April

Checked mile 6 today and the bloodroot are blooming.  A few more days and the trout lilies will bloom.  On mile 3 the polygala have formed bud, so I expect them to bloom shortly.  Aquilegia and anemone and canada mayflower are up at Duck Hunters–blooms to follow in a few weeks.  Looks like the early […]

Keep Believing in Spring!

22 April

The cold weather and “snow” has slowed the development of the wild flowers but they are still coming.  Trout Lilies are up and ready to send up flower stalks.  Buds are on the polygala.  The trillium are showing their buds.  Spring Beauties are putting out buds. Bloodroot is sending tentative blooms up above the cloak.  […]

And the flowers keep coming!

18 April

Just checked the garden and the hepatica are still blooming but they are eclipsed by the shrouded bloodroot, coming up out of the soil like dracula in a cape and then producing the most perfect white flower.  They reshroud at night, too cool. The mayapple are up 2 inches in a day and the virginia […]

Hepatica flower

16 April

The hepatica (liverleaf) has 3 lobed leaves that are mottled and often a liver color with green.  Leaves stay on all winter but are very often crispy in the spring.  The flowers come out before new leaves form and are about the 1st wildflowers we see.  They are often along streams or low-lying vernal pools.  […]

Pussy Willows on mile 3-4

16 April

I walked from Duck Hunter’s Memorial to the Midland 4 mile marker on April 15–The budding pussy willows are backed by the white bark of the birches.  Each willow bush is over 8 feet tall and spreading.  What a sight!  They should continue to bud and bloom for the next week or so.  Don’t miss […]

Spring has Sprung!

14 April

The rain was just what the flowers needed.  I see hepatica blooming in my wildflower garden and the mayapple and trillium are starting to peak through the leaves.  The Spring Beauties are greening up and the Shooting Stars are over an inch tall.  The wild geranium is leafing out and color has come to the […]

Get Ready!

22 March

With the snow melting early and no sign of the spring flood, wildflowers will start to pop out.  The early ones just need sunshine and a little warmth to start growing.  They have to bloom and set seed before the trees leaf out and cut off their access to light. In the next Month and […]

Identifying flowers

02 March

It is much harder to identify flowers from pictures long after you have snapped them. The essential pieces needed for identification are the flower structure, the stem and leaves and the basal leaf structure. It is also important to know if the stems and leaves are smooth or hairy or even prickly. Knowing what season […]