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Finding the stealthy Arbutus

24 April

I went to the Arbutus Bog today, because the Trailing Arbutus should be blooming (even earlier than the now blooming Hepatica and Bloodroot). Shazam! Although the majority of the green in the bog area is Wintergreen (take a leaf and crush it–if it smells like Teaberry Gum from the 60’s and 70’s, that is Wintergreen–Has […]

Time for Spring Flowers!

15 April

If you look back through the posts from previous years, you will see that now is the time to start looking for the Spring Ephemerals–the lovely small flowers that come up before the trees leaf out and brighten the brown of winter ground, only to disappear when larger plants get growing. Hepatica are already blooming […]

Summer days, Coneflowers, Joe Pye, Asters and Goldenrod—-oh my!

14 August

Well it has been several weeks of dry heat and the Bee Balm/Monarda has finished blooming and formed it’s lovely bucky-ball seed-heads.  The seed heads of the last of the Meadow Rue are looking down on the new guys–lots of Orange Coneflower (looks like Black-eyed Susan but has a thin/serrate/smooth leaf), Joe-Pye Weed and the […]

Summer Heat / New Color

02 July

It is becoming a color bonanza.  These are great days to explore a park or trail. The past days of heat and humidity have changed the trail.  There are still some Oxeye Daisies and St John’s Wort along with the last of the Early Meadow Rue and some spectacular Tall Meadow Rue.  The abundance now […]

Which flower is what?

11 June

Beautiful cool and overcast weather made for a fun walk on Sunday. There are still plenty of blooms on shrubs and along the sides of the trail. Mapleleaf Viburnum was really showcased alongside Averill Preserve.  The small flowers are clustered in beautiful domes and the number of shrubs is amazing.  The Cranberry Viburnum have finished […]

Summer heat and wildflowers

03 June

Well, it’s been a toasty couple of weeks.  The heat rushed the spring flowers into dormancy and brought out the summer flowers early.  Mayflowers have already set fruit and many of the spring ephemerals have all but disappeared.  White and faded pink flowers on stands of Trillium provided an unexpected boost of color. The Wild […]

Transition Time: Late Spring and Early Summer Wildflowers

21 May

The ups and downs in temperature and precipitation have been a challenge the last week.  The heat sped the early spring wildflowers to bloom and blow.  Now you can find the seedpods forming on the Bloodroot, Marsh Marigold, Trout Lily, Dutchmen’s Breeches, Goldseal, Hepatica, Spring Beauties and many of the Trillium. Early Spring flowers still […]

More Spring Flowers!

10 May

Jeanne Henderson at Chippewa Nature Center led a Spring Wildflower walk on Wednesday.  It was overcast and trying to rain, but we still saw spring wildflowers. There was an abundance of Spring Beauties and Dutchmen’s Breeches.  We saw the leaves and seed heads of the Bloodroot that finished blooming the day before.  There were still trout […]

Early spring is passing fast, get ready for summer!

06 May

Well, Saturday brought 80 degrees again.  I saw swaths of bloodroot and trout lily blooming along the trail beside Averill Preserve.  In the sunnier areas there were scattered Bloodroot, clumps of blooming and non blooming Trout Lily (White and Yellow), emerging Wild Ginger and Meadow Rue and still the cheery fields of Dutchmen’s Breeches along […]

Maybe this next week?

05 April

Well, the snow and cold have moved back the anticipated bloom time for our spring ephemerals.  Once the weather warms up toward the end of next week, I expect to see the plants begin to emerge.  Hepatica buds are still 1/4 inch from the ground and tightly furled, but some of the ferns are starting […]

Spring is upon us!

25 March

I know the ground is still brown since the snow melted.  However, when you see the Winter Aconite and Early Crocus in the home gardens,  the buds of the Hepatica are showing above the leaf litter.  That means the cloak of the Bloodroot will be peeping up above ground as soon as some spring rains awaken […]

Fall is here!

01 October

Well, there is still some color on the rail trail–late asters are still blooming and the occasional Goldenrod is blooming. Most plants have set seed and are ready to disperse with fall winds and rain.  Many have very interesting seed heads, so still lots to view.     The red leaves and white berries of the […]