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Summer flowering begins

24 June

I have enjoyed the Spiderwort (Tradescantia) in many colors in my yard.  It looks really nice with the many Canada Anemone and the Sundrops (Evening Primrose).  The Coral Bells are waving nice stems of bells and the Wild Geranium is still blooming in spots.  My Liatris (Blazing Star) are up and ready to bloom and […]

Explosion of Spring Ephemerals

05 May

I’ve wandered around my property and neighborhood and made several trips to the Rail Trail since my last blog.  The Spring Ephemerals are really exploding now.  I saw the largest display of blooming Bloodroot I have ever seen on the steep western slopes of the Salt River at the high bridge (just past 11 mile […]

Rain and blooms

29 April

It had gotten really dry, and had warmed up significantly.  I went looking for flowers and saw that the drier areas were not flowering as anticipated.  Near 10 1/2 mile road, there are lots of Trailing Arbutus blooming on the little rises opposite the drainage ditches.  Lots of leaves up and near 8 mile road, […]

Time for the rush to bloom

18 April

Seems like the off-and-on-again weather has slowed the bloom cycle for the spring ephemerals, but these next few days should produce quite a show.  In sunny areas around my neighborhood, the Bloodroot and Hepatica are blooming. The Mayapple and Solomon Seal are sending their tips up by inches a day and the ferny foliage of […]

Social Distancing and the Rail Trail

31 March

I hope this finds you all sheltering in place and staying well.  In Midland County, most of the trails are open for walking, running and biking with the caveat of social distancing.  The rail trail is available, but without the amenities of restrooms.  Same for Chippewa Nature Center and Pine Haven Recreation area.  I believe […]

Gentians are blooming!

15 September

We checked the area between 8 and 9 mile roads and sure enough, the Fringed Gentians are blooming.  They are in clumps among the many Stiff, Showy and Canada Goldenrod, the New England, Heath and Flat Top White Asters and the remaining Joe Pye Weed and Tall Sunflowers.  There are also still the occasional Black-eyed […]

Finding the Fall Flowers

27 August

The last week of cool mornings and lots of sunshine were too irresistible for walking the trail.  We trekked Duck Hunters to Stark, Averill to the Bridge, 8-mile road to 9 -mile road , and 10 1/2 mile road  back to 9-mile road.  Each, back and forth is 2 -3 miles–so pretty easy. As anticipated, […]

More summer flowers

20 August

I posted last week but the email failed–so be sure and look at the previous post. This week has brought lots of cardinal flower to my yard–and the hummingbirds have found it.  In addition, I have a cultivar of the native Rough Goldenrod, called Fireworks, and it is spectacular.  The bees and lots of swallowtail […]

Summer Heat and Rain

02 July

Summer heat and rain have really greened up the rail trail.  Some flowers have bolted to bloom and set seed.  More and more butterflies are joining the bees and flies in pollinating tasks.  We saw Swallowtail, Checkerspot, Monarch and many small butterflies on Sunday. The Ninebark is really setting seed fast–some are the bright red […]

Summer arrives

23 June

Well, summer is finally here. The past few weeks have been slowly changing the flowering picture. The weather has certainly played a big part in the succession of bloom and many of the standard spring flowers had very short bloom times and came all together instead of in succession. The summer flowers have been slow […]

And the trees leaf out!

29 May

Well, the ups and downs of the weather certainly kept us and the wildflowers busy.  Many of the Spring Ephemerals bloomed and were gone in record time due to record hot days when they started to bloom.  Late Spring flowers were slow to come out but they are making an appearance now. The week of […]