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Spring really is here!

03 May

As I walk around, I marvel at how bare ground and leaf piles turn into beautiful bouquets in the space of a few days.  The Bloodroot, Trillium, Dutchmen’s Breeches and Hepatica have made a splash in my garden and the Virginia Bluebells and Wood Poppy are budded out.  The rabbits have enjoyed many of my […]

Fleeting Fall Foliar Flash

01 November

The last few days have been a whirlwind of color change in the trees and shrubs.  Maples went from a few red or yellow leaves to all shades of yellow and red from apricot to watermelon.  Oaks turned golden and burgundy.  All of them are rapidly shedding leaves, so they turned just in time.  Walking […]

The colors of fall

17 October

The weather finally turned crisp and the leaves have been whirling in the breeze.  This morning, the sun rose butter yellow and the clouds were steel grey highlighted with salmon.  As the sun rose, the very tops of trees were painted with the golden light.  There are still mosaics of leaves on the ground and […]

All things fall

27 September

The asters and goldenrods have really put on a show this year.  There are still beautiful white, blue and purple clusters among the yellow and still sunflowers blooming.  The Gentians came a little early and were spectacular. I was amazed at the numerous huge clusters of grapes along the trail.  The grapes and small crabapples […]

Summer flowers are here

10 July

The Michigan Lilies are blooming in my yard.  I love the chandelier look of the flowers as they curl the petals up and drop the stamens down.  All things Black-eyed Susan should be blooming now and the lilac blooms of the Bee Balm (Monarda) are drawing bees and hummingbirds.  Ox-eye daisies are peppering the road […]

Spring settles in

09 May

The Hepatica, Bloodroot and Dutchmen’s Breeches have finished blooming and the Nodding White Trillium are turning pink. I have tall Red Trillium that have grouped themselves as a bouquet below a large group of Large Flowered Trillium.  It is beautiful. I have Shooting Stars, Twin Leaf, Gold Seal and lots of May-apple and Smooth Solomon’s […]

Cold nights and cool days

15 April

The more typical spring weather came in quickly.  The cold nights and cool days, especially with the rain are really good for the wildflowers.  It slows the opening and gives us a longer season with these beautiful ephemerals.  The snow trillium are opening in my garden and they are so lovely and petite, a pleasure […]

Spring has Sprung!!

09 April

It seems like only a few weeks ago we were watching the ice slowly melt, leaving Jenga style crystal structures along the walkways. Then came the record high temps followed by freezes and at last some 5 days of near record warmth.  The Spring Ephemerals have responded with alacrity. In my garden, the Hepatica are […]

Spring is coming

02 March

Deep Winter Deep winter was late this year, not coming until February.  The below freezing temperature makes everything look like crystal.  When it snows, the snow is so dry that it sits on the icy remnants of old snow like a dusting of icing sugar.  We had wonderful sun-filled days.  They almost made you feel […]

Snow personality

15 February

Snow Cycle Snow falls lazily from the overcast sky.  Flakes drift lightly, occasionally twirling in a draft of air, landing lightly on all the surfaces that were clean earlier.  This is the beautiful cycle of snow, hypnotically fascinating as it falls.  No white outs or heavy blowing snow—just gentle wafting of flakes.  The cold ensures […]

Coldest days

09 February

Deep Freeze The air is so cold that the snow is like sugar sand and you can’t take a deep breath without a muffler to warm the air.  When you look out across the fields, it looks like stiff meringue is spread over everything.  It is such a bright white in the sunlight.  Even the […]

More winter wonders

01 February

Icy Mornings The clouds cleared overnight and the sickle moon is still hanging in the southern sky.  The absolute transparency of the sky is punctuated by the palest yellow of the rising sun in the east.  To the south is a line of salmon color, starkly brilliant against the dark tree shapes.  As far as […]

Flowers after the flood

30 July

Well, we went up to the rail trail in Sanford today–just past the bridge on M30–lots of the usual flowers.  Bouncing Bet, Flowering Spurge, Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susan, Evening Primrose, Wild Parsnip and Queen Annes Lace were prolific. Along the sides of the trail, still unmowed since the flood, were the homes that washed away […]

Heat and Daisies

30 June

We went for a drive on Sunday and couldn’t believe how many Oxeye Daisies, Yarrow, Fleabane and clover flowers we saw.  There was also a lot of yellow Hawkweed and St John’s Wort as well.  The Liatris and Lupine  give a blue note to some areas.  Lots of Crown Vetch and other colorful clovers are […]