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Trout lilies and Dutchmen’s Breeches

25 April

This is the week for Trout Lilies and Dutchmen’s Breeches.  Along mile 8-9 the White and Yellow Trout Lilies are starting to carpet the steep trailside.  Nearer the top of the slope, the Dutchmen’s Breeches are really putting on a show.  Catch these ephemerals now,  before the rapidly growing Geranium, Canada Anemone, Meadow Rue and Bee Balm get tall enough to cover them and the heat finishes the flowers.

dutch whitetrout yellowtrout

The area in Sanford behind the downtown businesses is in more shade and should be blooming sometime this week.  Look at the embankment that borders the Coles Towing fence.  It should be covered with yellow trout lilies.

When the pure white puff of the Serviceberry (June Berry or Amelanchier) is seen through the barely budded trees, it is time to look for these beauties.  Serviceberry blooms about the same time as the Forsythia and Bradford Pear that are so noticeable in Midland yards and streetsides right now.  It provides an early berry that is very coveted by the birds and, I am told, makes a dynamite pie or jelly.

The early blue violets have started to bloom, as have the wild strawberries.  Maple, Birch, Elm, Ash (where they still survive) are sending out leaves quickly on the heels of the astonishing blooms.  Black cherry is also showing leaves.  Most of the understory shrubs/trees are also budded and leafed out.  The Red Twig, Alternate Leaf and Grey and Silky Dogwood have young leaves and flower buds as do the many viburnums.  Most of these have an umbel flower (like an umbrella with many small white flowers).  They are enchanting and produce berries that the birds really crave.

Enjoy the greening of the woods and the many tiny and perfect flowers on the ground and in the trees and shrubs.  That means taking your time and looking closely.  Remember to take only pictures!

Let us know what other parks you are seeing these beauties in!  Just comment on the blog or the individual flowers here.  If you want to share a picture, you can upload with the comment.


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