Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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Summer is around the corner!

26 May

More rain and the rail trail is covered with white Canada Anemone and pink Wild Geranium blooms.  Along the way, you can see the Canada Lousewort and Swamp Buttercups as well as plenty of Wild Strawberries.

In pockets, especially at mile 8 above the Tittabawassee, you can see the cheery red and yellow of the Wild Columbine (Granny’s Bonnet).  In the parks, there are occasional patches of Red or White Baneberry among the Star Flower and Canada Mayflower.  If you don’t know what these look like, check out their pictures on the Flower section of this website.

The Woodland Phlox is just about finished in the Woods of Pine Haven and in spots along the trail.  Bee Balm and the various Cone Flowers will be sending up blooms before you know it.  Fleabane and Hawkweed will fill the interim.

At Chippewa Nature Center, in full swing of the Native Plant Sale today and tomorrow, the Wild Lupine and Yellow Lady Slipper are in evidence along with Wild Columbine.

All of the various Ferns have unfurled and you can begin to distinguish between Sensitive Fern, Royal Fern, Maidenhair Fern, Ostrich Fern, Christmas Fern, Lady Fern and all the others.  Another reason this is a great weekend to explore the parks and rail trail.

Early Meadow Rue is blooming and Tall Meadow Rue is towering above the crowds of flowers.  The Wild Clematis is clambering over all the plants that came up first, so the Bloodroot, Trout Lily, Hepatica, Wild Ginger and Dutchmen’s Breeches are disappearing under the expanding carpet of green.

The trees are fully engaged in leaf growth and the shrubs are showing their flowers.  Alternate Leaf and Red Twig Dogwood are blooming boisterously, as are Arrowwood and Maple Leaf and Cranberry Viburnum.  Ninebark is ready to bloom as are the Grey and Silky Dogwood.  There are still stands of wonderful Apple and Hawthorne,  but the petals are falling fast.  The Wild Grape is ready to bloom with a few hot days.


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