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14 January

Well, it is the depth of winter now and all we see is either the white of ice and snow or the brown of partially frozen and melted snow.

Good news is that the City of Midland keeps it’s 3 miles of trails brushed — so walking, running, biking is not so challenging.  Many people also take advantage of the snowier trails and parks for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and winter biking, running and walking.

The structure of trees, bushes and the grasses and forbs still standing are fascinating and one of the things you can get up-close to with guides from Chippewa Nature Center–check the schedule online.

We traditionally work on the website in the winter, trying to improve its information.  About 1/5 of the over 200 flowers listed on the website have descriptions as well as pictures and locations.

We need your help in gathering information to post on each of the flowers here in the website.

You can use wildflower websites (see the reference pages for links) or books.  Just pick one of the flowers (or more) on the site and look at the information we currently have.  Look up the flower in your references and let us know the basics:

  • Native, introduced and/or invasive
  • Size of plant
  • Season or month, length and color of bloom
  • Structure of leaves, branches, flower shape, number, size, collection (plume, flat cluster, loose branching)
  • Soil, water and light needs and where it is found (prairie, mesic, swamp, woods)
  • Plants that look like it and are easily confused with it
  • Fruit or seed pods produced
  • Special relationships with any beneficial (or not) insects or animals

When you have this information on a plant, just post it here as a comment.  We will enter it into the database from there.

Choose as many flowers as you want to identify, the more the better, but even one is a help.

Thanks, and enjoy some cocoa on this frigid day!



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