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Maybe this next week?

05 April

Well, the snow and cold have moved back the anticipated bloom time for our spring ephemerals.  Once the weather warms up toward the end of next week, I expect to see the plants begin to emerge.  Hepatica buds are still 1/4 inch from the ground and tightly furled, but some of the ferns are starting to send out fiddleheads and the carex are greening up.

Since the tulips and daffodils are showing more than 1 inch of leaves and the crocus continue to bloom, the ground temperature is ready for spring.  Be prepared for the season to be short if a warm front follows the cold.   This will cause the bloom time to shorten.

Pussy willow catkins are already in evidence and Chippewa Nature Center is reporting that the speckled alder catkins are opening.  I see maple flowers on the ground as well and all of the trees, even the oaks, have enlarging buds on the branches.  Soon……


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  1. Sherry Kalina April 9, 2018 at 7:50 pm #

    There are spring aconites in my garden as well as snowdrops. Have you seen either on the trails.

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