Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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Fall is here!

01 October

Well, there is still some color on the rail trail–late asters are still blooming and the occasional Goldenrod is blooming.

neaster panicledaster

Most plants have set seed and are ready to disperse with fall winds and rain.  Many have very interesting seed heads, so still lots to view.

seedhead cattail  seedhead flataster  seedhead joepye seedhead monarda

The red leaves and white berries of the Grey Dogwood and the beautiful red berries and green leaves of the Michigan Holly are in contrast to the native Clematis (called Old Man’s Beard in the fall for it’s long fluffy seed heads).

greydogwood michholly

seedhead clematis

Wild Grapes have lost their leaves and show the almost raisin-like dark purple grapes.  Even the Staghorn Sumac has lost red leaves and has only the brilliant red/maroon seed heads showing.

seedhead sumac   wildgrape

The beautiful Gentians have turned brown and are very hard to see in the brown and yellow grass and dying leaves of the goldenrods.

gentianhusk seedhead goldenrod

The Birches and Poplars have lost many of their leaves and the Maples along the trail have peaked in color and started dropping leaves.  The oaks are pinging acorns everywhere.  This appears to be a very early fall, perhaps with less color because of the drought conditions.  See them while you can!

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