Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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Enjoy the spring wildflowers!

03 May

Today was quiet  on the rail trail.  There was a gentle mist and hardly any sunshine.  I checked out mile 12 and mile 8-9.  There were Bloodroot blooming, but not in the numbers of previous years.  The two hot days took a lot of blooms.

A Bloodroot blooms for only 2 days and if it starts in a really hot day, can be finished before the second.  Tuesday and Wednesday were hot and dry, not the best conditions for wildflowers.  The Spring Beauties were there, but the lack of sun today was a deterrent.

I did see a few Arbutus blooming–but not prolifically–let’s see what the next weed brings.

The magnificent capper for the day was the huge swaths of Dutchmen’s Breeches just before the Salt River Bridge on mile 9.  Also Trout Lilies are ready to bloom, but the heat really stunted them.

What will happen next week?  Stay Tuned!


arbutus blood

Arbutus and Bloodroot

blueberry dutch

Blueberries and Dutchmen”s Breeches

ging mrue

Wild Ginger and emerging Meadow Rue


Trout Lilies–to bloom or not to bloom?


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