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Early spring is passing fast, get ready for summer!

06 May

Well, Saturday brought 80 degrees again.  I saw swaths of bloodroot and trout lily blooming along the trail beside Averill Preserve.  In the sunnier areas there were scattered Bloodroot, clumps of blooming and non blooming Trout Lily (White and Yellow), emerging Wild Ginger and Meadow Rue and still the cheery fields of Dutchmen’s Breeches along 9 mile by Salt River Bridge and Arbutus Bog.  Also, scattered blooms of Arbutus in among the Wintergreen in Arbutus Bog and shady areas of Rail Trail.  The Wild Blueberries are blooming in the bog and the Raspberries and Blackberries are sending out leaves and lengthening their canes in preparation.  Wild Strawberries are starting to bloom in all the grassy edges of the trail.  The first blooms of the Northern Blue Violet and the Common Violet have appeared.



Get out and see these today.  Things will be changing and these will be gone.

In my garden, the early snow Trillium  is blooming among the rapidly growing Mayapples.  In other areas the Trillium Grandiflora, Sessile Yellow  Trillium and Tall Red Trillium are up and ready to bloom.  Trout Lilies, Marsh Marigold and the tiny Rue Anemone are blooming along with many Spring Beauties and the twisted Merry Bells.  Twin Leaf and Gold Seal leaves are unfurling and the blooms will come soon.  True Solomon Seal, Virginia Bluebells and Yellow Wood Poppy are nearing bloom.  Mitrewort is blooming alongside wild blue Phlox

Promise of flowers to come are all over the Rail Trail.  Blue Flag Iris leaves are rising above the swampy ditches along with Narrow Leaf and Wide Leaf Cattail. The ferny foliage of Common Yarrow and the distinctive leaves of Coneflower, Cardinal Flower, Jewelweed, Monarda, Winter Cress and Spring Cress are maturing quickly.  Fiddleheads of Ferns are appearing and the flowers from the Maples, Birches and other trees are beginning to fall.  Pussy Willows are finished leaves are out on the Dogwoods and other native shrubs.

Of course the invasives are going strong as well.  Garlic mustard is rising above the other plants, Spotted Knapweed is spreading from the edges of the trail.  Autumn Olive and Buckthorn are budding out.  Now is the time to identify and remove as many as possible.

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