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Trout lilies and Dutchmen’s Breeches

25 April

This is the week for Trout Lilies and Dutchmen’s Breeches.  Along mile 8-9 the White and Yellow Trout Lilies are starting to carpet the steep trailside.  Nearer the top of the slope, the Dutchmen’s Breeches are really putting on a show.  Catch these ephemerals now,  before the rapidly growing Geranium, Canada Anemone, Meadow Rue and […]

Identifying flowers

02 March

It is much harder to identify flowers from pictures long after you have snapped them. The essential pieces needed for identification are the flower structure, the stem and leaves and the basal leaf structure. It is also important to know if the stems and leaves are smooth or hairy or even prickly. Knowing what season […]