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At Last–Spring flowers ready to burst forth!

28 April

Well, after several walks, I can attest to the coming of spring!  Along the 8-10 mile section of the rail trail, you can see the emerging leaves of the Trout Lilies and Dutchmen’s Breeches.  Hepatica is already blooming in Pine Haven (green trail and the steep valleys) and along the Hospital Wellness trails (green route).  Along other areas you can see the little R2D2 heads of the emerging Mayapples.  Early leaves of the Wild Strawberry and Wild Geranium are creeping out through the leaf litter.  Even the occasional Early Meadow Rue and Rue Anemone leaves are emerging.  Some Spring Beauty blossoms are also appearing.  That means in the next week, expected to be warm, we will see blossoms everywhere.  Below are Hepatica, Spring Beauty and leaves of Trout Lily as seen this week.

hepatica springbeauty troutlily

There are more pictures of the early spring blossoms within the website.  Just search for the flower name and the picture will appear, along with Rail Trail miles  or City/County Parks where we have seen it.

The next two weeks will take us from the Easter Egg hunt for dispersed blossoms to a field of blossoms.  This is the time to get out on the Rail Trail, in the parks or at Chippewa Nature Center to see the emergence of SPRING!  These blossoms won’t last long, and most are very small, but they are exquisite and so welcome after the snow in April!!!!!

Please help us spread the joy of the season by responding to the blog with the flowers you are seeing!

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