Wildflowers on the RailTrail

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April Showers!

11 April

Well the warmth and rain have done the trick.

Poplar, Alder, and Pussy Willow have bloomed and produced seed, Maple and Birch are blooming. Buds on viburnum and dogwood are growing, ready to bloom.

The Wild Strawberries, Blue Iris, Cattails, Spring Cress, Buttercup and other early plants are jumping up.  Sedges and vines are showing green.  Trillium  and Shooting Stars are unfurling their leaves.  Arbutus leaves are becoming prominent along the banks and Dutchmen Breeches are poking up through the litter of last year’s growth

In the woods, the rue anemone and spring beauty are pushing leaves to the surface and Hepatica are blooming merrily above the dried leaves of last year.  Soon the Twin Leaf, Bloodroot, Mayapple, Bluebells, and Wood Poppies will be showing off.  Ferns are sending up the first fiddleheads.

The woods along the rail trail are quieter this time of year–but you can really see the structure.

Teri sighted some Coltsfoot (an introduced and invasive but pretty plant) along the Wellness trails at the Hospital.  It looks a little like dandelion but has only scales along the stem and an open center with larger rounded basal leaves.


Get out and see what you discover!

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